As an investor, you want your assets to work for you in pursuing your financial goals. Whether those goals include becoming financially independent, seeing your child graduate from college debt-free, buying a home, saving for retirement or more, how you invest is important and should be consistent with your goals.

In today’s world, there is a constant flow of information streaming from financial media outlets. This creates a lot of noise and can cause even the most disciplined investor to question the choices they have made.  A financial advisor can help guide you through the noise and keep the focus on the attainment of your goals rather than the ebbs and flows of the financial markets.

At North Star, we believe that your portfolio serves the singular purpose of supporting your financial plans. In order to develop an approach suitable for you, our financial advisors work to:

  • Understand your goals as well as your ability and willingness to accept volatility
  • Design an asset allocation strategy suitable to you
  • Select the appropriate investments for you

Investments2.pngIn times of market volatility, your financial advisor can provide a steady hand to guide you through uncharted territory. Successful investing is not a result of moving in and out of the market or by picking the investments which worked or yielded results of yesterday. Rather, it is by adhering to time-tested fundamental investment principles, even when and especially when it seems that everyone else is not. Not following the herd can be a good thing, yet the most difficult thing about investing is often traveling the road alone.

How we can help

With so many choices available and avenues to take in investing your assets, a North Star financial advisor can help sift through the sea of information to develop a well-thought out strategy in determining the correct approach for you. Your advisor will help you work through both steady and turbulent markets by providing conviction and confidence in your strategy.

Working in conjunction with your financial advisor is Jeff Landt, CFA, CFP®, Vice President and Director of Investments. Jeff is available to assist North Star’s financial advisors with portfolio strategies, portfolio construction and the best practices of portfolio management. Affiliated with North Star since 1996, he is also a practicing associate of North Star, specializing in retirement distribution and wealth management.


Contact a financial advisor to learn more and get started on your investment strategy.

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