Financial planning

Life changes. We plan on it.

Steady guidance and personalized solutions

Your life is made of a million little moments and unforgettable experiences—some you plan for and some you would never imagine.

Financial planning helps you prepare for both, so you can be confident in a future that is safe for you and those you love the most no matter what the future brings.

Whether you are just getting started or want to check if you are on track for your goals, financial planning is valuable to anyone at any stage of life.

Key elements of a solid individual plan

Your financial professional can help you customize a plan based on your priorities and concerns. Whether you need assistance for a specific question or you want a comprehensive financial plan, our financial professionals are here for you.

Current financial position

Having an accurate understanding of your income and expenses is important. As your income and spending change over time, we continue to refine how each change affects your long-term goals.

Protection planning

We can help you identify and manage risks that could derail your financial goals, deplete your assets or threaten your income. Our advisors work with in-house insurance specialists to help you find a provider and policy for your unique situation.

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Disability insurance →

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Investment planning

Answer your questions and reduce uncertainty in investing by developing a personal investment strategy that is based on your risk tolerance and aimed at achieving your goals.

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Tax planning*

We consider the impact of taxes for all your investments, retirement accounts, charitable giving, estate planning and life events. Many of our financial professionals can work with your CPA to evaluate tax-minimizing strategies appropriate for your situation.

Education funding

As college debt becomes an increasing problem in America, you may dream of giving your kids and grandchildren the gift of affordable education. We can help you build an effective strategy for funding higher education.

Preparing for college costs →

Student loan repayment →

Retirement planning

Get an understanding of what your retirement may look like. Then, determine what savings or other financial resources you need to achieve your goals and develop a solid distribution plan for your entire retirement.

Retirement →

Estate planning*

You can design a strategy to transfer maximum wealth to your loved ones and valuable causes while minimizing taxes on your gifts. Our advisors will help every step of the way in designing your plan and helping you communicate your choices with your family.

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Business planning

From employee benefits, 401(k)s and health insurance to business succession and key-person insurance, we offer a wide range of products and services that help you concentrate on what they do best.

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Build your financial plan, on your terms.

There’s no one-size-fits-all plan at North Star. Instead, we help you choose an advisor who shares your values, and together you build a plan that will grow as you do.

When you work with North Star, you can be assured that our team is behind you, supporting your family in every stage of your life, with financial confidence, through unforeseen adversity.

Financial planning is based on a relationship. Find someone who fits.

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