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Lawyers are great advocates for their clients, but often their own financial goals get pushed to the side amid the challenges and demands of the career.

The North Star Law Division was developed with you and your specific needs in mind.

This group of financial professionals works throughout the United States, providing dedicated financial services to legal professionals in any specialty.

Match with a financial professional who will help you build wealth and prepare for the future while accommodating your busy career.

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Comprehensive guidance for your needs

Achieving financial independence requires discipline and intention—two skills attorneys are familiar with. The representatives in our Law Division will work with you to make your money work as hard as you do.

Advice-based planning

Your life is complex, and we don’t want to miss anything in your personal or business financial strategy. We offer comprehensive financial services and work to find strategies, products, and investments that are suitable for you, your business, or your family.

In a fee-based financial plan, North Star financial professionals work as fiduciaries, and we put our client’s best interests ahead of our own.

Separate from the financial plan and our role as financial planner, we may recommend the purchase of specific investment or insurance products or accounts. These product recommendations are not part of the financial plan and you are under no obligation to follow them.

Retirement planning

We can help you coordinate all your retirement options, managing risk, time invested, and tax implications to set up the appropriate accounts for your unique personal and professional situation.

We can consider how long you will be able to work at the same rigorous rate you did early in your practice and manage contributions, asset allocation, and profit-sharing to set you up for a target retirement date and create a spending strategy for your lifestyle.

A financial professional can also coordinate other specialists to help with your succession planning and ensure your clients can be successfully transitioned.

Asset allocation and investment planning

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or in-house counselor, forethought in investments and asset allocation can help maintain a secure lifestyle in the short- and long-term, even if your income isn’t always consistent.

We can help you to maintain a reserve of more conservative, liquid investments for short-term asset management, while also managing risk and opportunities in diversified long-term investment funds.

Neither asset allocation nor diversification guarantee against loss. They are methods used to manage risk.

Estate planning

You have worked hard to provide a legacy, and you want to be able to pass along your assets without tax complications.

We can help determine your estate planning goals, develop recommendations for reaching your objectives, and take care of tasks such as changing life insurance ownership and updating account beneficiaries.

For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a tax or legal advisor. Neither Cetera Advisor Networks LLC nor any of its representatives may give legal or tax advice.

Risk management

Legal professionals often require special concentration on risk management. Whether you are an in-house lawyer, part of a partnership, or managing an individual practice, protecting yourself with supplemental malpractice and professional liability insurance can be imperative.

Along with insurance policies designed for your occupation, through our affiliation with North Star, our insurance consultants can also help you protect your income, assets, and family through life, disability, and property and casualty policies.

The North Star difference

When you work with an associate in the North Star Law Division, you benefit from their individual experience, but you also access the collective knowledge of the Division’s dozens of financial professionals specializing in work with legal professionals and the many specialists and resources present at North Star.

Meet the Division Members

Davin Bell

Associate Partner

Austin, TX

Davin, licensed in insurances and securities registered, will guide you through a coordinated strategy illuminating choices along the way. His goal is for you to walk away with not just an answer, but a new perspective on what it means to be financially healthy. He believes financial health means you have retained control of your choices.

Advisor Profile

Max J. Dowdy

Financial Advisor

Fitchburg, WI

Max’s main goal is to have a positive effect on his community in the Twin Cities and in his home state of Michigan. He does this one individual and family at a time, helping people take control of their financial life, plan for their future, and pursue economic freedom and security.

Advisor Profile

Thomas A. Haunty, CFP®, RHU, REBC, ChFC, AIF®

Senior Partner and Team Leader

Fitchburg, WI

As a Senior Partner in the Madison, Wisconsin office of North Star Resource Group, Tom Haunty’s practice is focused on fee-based financial planning, business benefit planning, and financial services for attorneys.

Advisor Profile

Nathan Hoffman, CFP®, CLU, ChFC

Certified Financial Planner™, Senior Partner

512.328.5131 ext. 114
Austin, TX

As a CFP® professional, Nathan believes in comprehensive, holistic fee-based financial planning. Every client’s unique goals require a custom, independent financial plan.

Advisor Profile

Adam Jacobs

Financial Advisor

San Diego, CA

As a Wealth Management Advisor based in San Diego, Adam provides comprehensive financial guidance for business owners, professionals, and their families to build and protect their wealth and leave the legacy they want.


Advisor Profile

Kelly Hugghins Neely, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Austin, TX

Kelly has built a practice working primarily with medical professionals and is passionate about conveying the importance of financial education and accountability to her clients.

Advisor Profile

Jane M. LaLonde, CFP®

Senior Partner

Minneapolis, MN

Jane’s vision for her practice is to provide her clients with a trustworthy and knowledgeable resource, an exceptional client experience, and a sound long-term strategy to reach their financial goals through all-encompassing financial plans.

Advisor Profile

Kayla Nikula

Financial Advisor

Fitchburg, WI

I help high-achieving singles and families answer the question, “What’s it all for?”

Because when you know the why driving your spending and investing choices, you can make smarter decisions that set you up for a fulfilling and confident financial future.

Whether you are making a good income but feel like you’re still living paycheck to paycheck, or you have a cash flow surplus but aren’t sure how to wisely invest.

Advisor Profile

Devon Pilney

Financial Advisor

Minneapolis, MN Portland, OR

As a financial advisor, Devon believes in building long-term relationships with individuals who are genuinely motivated to learn more about and improve their financial life.

Advisor Profile

Kristin Printon, AIF®, WMCP®

Senior Partner & Wealth Advisor

Minneapolis, MN Saint Paul, MN
With a mission to inspire, educate, and motivate others to use their finances as a tool to design their best life, Kristin makes the overwhelming, jargon-filled financial world simpler and as stress-free as possible.


Advisor Profile

Erik Siverson, CFP®

Partner* and Senior Financial Advisor

Minneapolis, MN

Erik is a member of North Star’s Medical Division, a team dedicated to helping physicians and dentists efficiently pursue financial independence. He has developed a national financial services practice, primarily working with clients in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Chicago and the Pacific Northwest.

Advisor Profile

Keith Van Dell

Founding Partner | Wealth Advisor

Woodbury, MN

Keith works with professionals and business owners from all walks of life, helping them pursue their passions in retirement and design a legacy for the next generation.

Advisor Profile

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