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As a veterinarian, you face specific challenges when it comes to your personal and practice finances. Our team focuses in the complete financial strategy, and we offer solutions to help you take control of your success.

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Vet school

The first big transition in your veterinary career is moving from school into either your first job as a veterinarian or into an internship then a residency.

While you’re still in training, we will help you develop a budget and make important decisions about your student loans. We can also provide personalized insurance recommendations to protect you if your ability to earn an income is interrupted at any point in your career.

Starting early will set you on a path to financial freedom without the common mistakes that will cost you in the long term.

Entering practice

Whether you go into general practice, research or industry, or begin working in an existing practice as an associate, we will help you navigate the complicated combination of employee benefits and personally owned benfits.

As your income increases, we will also help you create an investment and retirement strategy that helps you to minimize taxes and take advantage of the powerful tool of compound interest. At this stage, layering asset protection strategies will become crucial in the planning process.

Practice owner

When you run your own practice, finding time to manage your personal and business finances become even more challenging. We offer comprehensive guidance to help you set your business up for success through anything life may bring.

Our practice owner services include strategies for employee benefits, business insurance lines, 401(k) plans and defined benefit retirement plans, and customized solutions based on your specific requirements. Because these solutions are interdependent and complex, we will ensure that this is integrated carefully with your personal financial strategy and goals.

With our inclusive approach, we will work with your accountant, bookkeeper, attorney, and other professionals to ensure your solutions work in every standpoint.


We want to help you achieve the retirement lifestyle you envision for yourself. Whether it includes working part-time. teaching, or volunteering, we help you determine your needs and establish the investment vehicles that will help you get there.

With every solution we suggest, we help you maximize income, moderate risk, and minimize tax implications to ensure your retirement and estate plan reflect your expectations.

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