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At North Star, we blend support and independence to help advisors build world-class practices: Support to optimize your practice and free up your time and independence with all the advantages of practice ownership.

Accelerate your growth, optimize your services, and change your clients’ lives.

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More ways to serve your clients

We offer an open architecture platform and a broad selection of products and services, including comprehensive financial planning. This provides the ability and opportunity for you to help your clients with all aspects of their wealth management needs for generations to come.

North Star’s take on a comprehensive financial planning relationship not only helps foster a better client experience but also allows me to build sustainability in my business and personal life.

—Financial advisor in San Diego

Resources to optimize and grow your practice

Each North Star financial professional benefits from the resources and expertise of our operations team who help your business run smoothly and give you more time to spend with clients.

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Unparallelled commitment to growth

Sustained growth doesn’t happen by chance; it takes a strategic plan and trusted guidance to accelerate success.

Growth360 reveals your biggest growth opportunities and creates an end-to-end action plan to enhance your organic growth potential and bring your value proposition to life.

We’ll offer personalized support to help you maximize opportunities, unlock new growth, and drive revenue transformation.

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Join a culture that fits you

Community is a central part of the North Star advisor experience. Whether you’ve been in business for four decades or four years, you are a valuable member of our collaborative network of financial professionals who work together to optimize their practices and make positive changes in clients’ lives.

Our unmatched peer-to-peer culture is supported by:

  • Ongoing training programs with sessions from outside speakers
  • National conferences with industry experts, advisor focus groups, and networking
  • Leadership training and retreats
  • Professional study group opportunities

Our culture

Prioritize growth at every stage

Our firm is staffed with advisors across stages and experience levels. We vet applicants and support them through their multiple-year journey to full-contract. Our goal is to see every advisor succeed and stay. No matter where you enter our program, you have upward mobility through mentorship and teaming opportunities.


joint practices

72 %

advisor retention


average age of advisors

Advisor retention in the first four years of business, compared to an industry average of 10-20% retention (Advisor Perspectives, 2022).

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