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Finances may not be the most romantic topic for date night with your spouse. However, considering money is the source of the most pervasive and problematic conflicts in marriage,1 talking through how you each think about money may serve you in the long run.

As newlyweds, you have much to consider financially—such as how or if to combine finances, whether to change or update insurance policies and other key documents, how to prioritize long-term goals—plus all the emotional and relational implications of these decisions.

A financial professional who is in tune with the experiences of a couple combining finances for the first time can be a helpful ally through this process.

Your key financial considerations

Current finances and key documents

Personal bank accounts

Will you combine your finances? Will you retain any individual accounts? You and your spouse should decide how to manage both shared and individual expenses, along with how to best develop and uphold a household budget.


Do you or your spouse have outstanding debt? Letting each other into your financial past can help set the stage for a health financial future.

Employee benefits and insurance policies

Discuss all existing benefits or other insurance policies to determine whether to consolidate  or retain two individual policies.

Wills and beneficiary changes

You and your spouse should review your wills or consider coordinating with your financial professional and an attorney to create one that reflects your changed marital status.

Family financial goals

Making milestone purchases

If you plan on making a large purchase, a financial professional can assist with managing your savings and cash flow and develop a strategy for managing your finances for that goal.

Growing your family

Are you both interested in growing your family in the future? Even if family planning is a few years down the road, discuss if the current state of your finances can accommodate more members in the picture.

College education funding

If you are planning for children or are blending families, discuss whether you as parents will fund their college education(s) and what that will look like.

Retirement strategies

Review both of your contributions, investment strategies, and diversification strategies. It’s never too early to discuss your goals and develop a strategy to pursue them.

How we can help

No two couples are the same, and your financial future together will be as unique as your relationship.

Our financial professionals and specialists are prepared to help you and your new spouse walk through what to discuss, update, and keep in mind for a financially healthy marriage.

North Star Resource Group has over 160 financial professionals nationwide who are helping couples build the life and future of their dreams.

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1Family Relations. For Richer, for Poorer: Money as a Topic of Marital Conflict in the Home.