Have You Ever Visited Career Services? 

iStock_000002898123Medium.jpgI hate to admit this but my answer to this question is no. Wasn’t what you were expecting? Me neither, actually. As I am sitting here going through my e-mails one came across that was talking about career office resources. How did I not know about this in college?! I’m sure it was mentioned along the way but I never knew anyone that went there and it never occurred to actually go there. Now that I remember, it was the year after I graduated when I was conducting on campus interviews at University of Iowa (or was it Iowa State?) that I finally got my first glimpse of the Career Services Center.

This is an amazing service AND it is included in your tuition. Most big companies (and many of the small ones) are closely connected with the career advisors at the colleges they recruit from. In fact, this is usually part of the job description when applying for a position in recruiting--you have to be able to develop COI’s (Centers of Influence) and college career advisors are right at the top of that list. Imagine if you started showing your face around the Career Center, maybe even brought them some cookies. Whose name is going to come to mind the next time they talk to a company recruiter that comes in (probably to drop off cookies to THEM)??? Yours, of course! You may not even know what you want to do or where you want to work when you graduate, but being in the right place at the right time might connect you with a career you never even thought of.

Many of the basic services and items that are available through the Career Center are career advising, job fairs, online job postings and resume and cover letter assistance. But they also have services that you may not have thought of like alumni networking resources, seminars and classes, help with all things grad school, interview coaching and access to recruiting programs.

The last thing that people usually don’t think about is that you can go to your Career Services Center AFTER you have graduated. Even if you don’t live in close proximity to your college or university anymore, schools usually have some kind of virtual assistance and actively use social media as well. Most universities offer this service for alumni free for life! If you are anything like me and haven’t yet found where your Career Center is, it might be just the thing you need to get connected to. Thinking about it, it's amazing I ever got a job without it!

Written by Christina Church

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