Life Events

A lot can happen throughout your life. 

We can help you navigate through life’s adventures and wherever they take you, whether that includes married life, the birth or adoption of a child, funding a college education, preparing for your retirement, or something else. Your life events are unique to you and deserve to be treated with the careful guidance and preparation that a North Star financial advisor can provide.

Below is a list of topics your advisor can assist you with. For more information on a life event not listed here, contact your North Star advisor directly.


As newlyweds, you have much to consider financially—such as how or if to combine finances, whether to change or update insurance policies and other key documents, how to prioritize long-term goals, and more. Learn how a financial advisor can help you and your spouse here.»

Home Buying Considerations 

So, you have decided to graduate from renting and pursue the “American Dream” by purchasing a home—congratulations! A lot goes into purchasing a home, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Learn how a financial advisor can offer guidance through the process here.»

Growing Your Family 

Welcoming and raising a child is a rewarding process. However, accompanied with many financial challenges, there is much to consider financially prior to the arrival of your newest family member. Learn about how a financial advisor can help here.»

Preparing for College 

The benefits of a college education are vast. Yet, the costs of tuition and other associated expenses make developing a sound college savings strategy a necessity in order to realistically afford a college education. Learn how a financial advisor can provide insight.»

Student Loan Repayment Strategies 

Many graduate college with student loan debt. However, the student loan environment can be very cumbersome to navigate, with various repayment programs and constant changes to understand. Learn how a financial advisor can provide guidance.»

Estate Planning 

Everyone owns an estate—but when you are no longer able to control the items in your possession, what will happen to them? Estate planning provides you with the opportunity to leave the legacy you desire for your loved ones. Learn how a financial advisor can help.»


No one prepares for divorce to occur—but if it does, you want to be financially prepared for the transition ahead. Throughout the process as well as in the post-divorce transition, you’ll have much to review and change financially. Learn how a financial advisor can provide guidance.»


Retirement today consists of something different for everyone. Whether you are starting out in your career or a few years out from your desired date of retirement, there is plenty to consider on how best to contribute to your goals. Learn how a financial advisor can offer insight here.»


Contact a North Star Resource Group financial advisor near you for more on any of these life events and more.