Medical Division


The North Star Medical Division advisors work with medical and dental professionals who have specific needs for their financial future. North Star specializes in the creation of financial strategies designed specifically for you. Your financial situation is unique. The solutions you receive from North Star are tailored with your professional and personal life in mind. Your advisor has access to many of the strongest carriers and can determine quality products for you at competitive rates. They truly can recommend high quality products and services that are specifically suited for you.

These topics provide special challenges for physicians and medical professionals:

  • Managing medical school tuition debt and other loans

  • Limitations on the time available to devote to financial matters

  • Building wealth

  • Financial considerations when starting or joining a professional practice

  • Effects of potential disability

  • Higher potential for professional and personal risk liability to personal and business assets

  • Complex tax considerations and higher than average tax liability*

Your advisor will help provide solutions to these types of issues. You will benefit from the “Resource Group” approach with North Star. Your advisor has access to specialists who can help answer any questions you may have. From disability insurance specialists to complex investment specialists, your financial well being is your advisor’s goal. North Star advisors can address all aspects of your financial strategy.

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