North Star Seminar Events F.A.Q.

What does North Star Resource Group do?
North Star Resource Group is a financial services firm providing individuals, families, professionals and businesses with the resources to help create, preserve and protect their wealth. With over 150 financial advisors and 150 team members in a network of 22 states, North Star collectively serves 120,000 individuals and businesses. Our unique organizational structure is made up of numerous resources, or specialized departments, to help guide financial advisors to best serve the needs of their clients. Our independence allows us to provide a broad range of products and services, supporting our clients in pursuing their financial goals.

Why was I invited to a seminar?
North Star reaches out to individuals and professionals who may be a good fit for the customized and comprehensive financial services we offer.

Why does North Star Resource Group host local seminars?
Our financial advisors and featured speakers are passionate about supporting and promoting financial education. Seminar events provide an intimate setting to discuss relevant topics to a particular group or profession, where all attendees are able to engage and ask questions. If you are interested after attending an event to continue the discussion, our financial advisors are happy to work with you in a mutually beneficial working relationship.

What can I expect when I attend a seminar?
In order for us to reserve seats in advance, seminars are limited to those who RSVP. During the seminar, you and your guest will have the opportunity to engage with the speaker, in order to have your questions answered and provide value to the discussion. 

What is the value in attending a seminar?
Whatever your current financial strategy entails, our financial advisors and featured speakers are happy to provide relevant information and answer any questions you may have in relation to your needs and goals. Topics discussed often include debt management strategies, savings, asset protection, wealth accumulations strategies, investing and retirement preparation.

What if my guest’s profession does not pertain to the demographic of attendees invited?
All attendees are greatly encouraged to bring a guest with them, whether it is a spouse, family member or colleague. They may be able to offer unique insight as someone close to you and could benefit from listening to the discussed topics as well.

What does it cost to attend the seminar?
The seminar is complimentary (with no obligation) to both you and your guest.


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