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Student Athletes Make Successful Financial Advisors


Are you sharp? Motivated? Driven? Do you want to help people while building a lifestyle for yourself? Do you see yourself wanting much more than a rigid corporate structure and 2 weeks of vacation per year? Good! A Financial Advisor at North Star has all of those traits. Come learn about how those attributes can help you build a rewarding career in financial services at an established, reputable firm.

At North Star, we take pride in our commitment to train and develop motivated professionals towards a career they will love and look forward to. The financial services industry is a well recognized and booming profession, rated Top 5 Professions by CareerCast in 20121. It is our goal to guide and provide you the resources and tools needed to lead a successful career.

Is a Financial Advisor Career the Right Fit?

Choosing a career path can be a stressful and overwhelming process. There are several things you must consider when deciding if it is the right career. As a North Star financial advisor, these are only a few of the many tasks and duties you’ll uphold:

  • Work with many individuals and their families from various professions
  • Meet and collaborate with professional colleagues to build practices and partnerships
  • Become an expert in the products and services you provide
  • Grow your presence in the financial industry and establish yourself as an experienced professional
  • Have the opportunity to advance into a leadership role based on your performance
  • Be mentored and lead by top industry professionals while you are building your financial services practice
  • Help clients achieve financial security
  • Develop financial strategies to meet clients’ financial needs
  • Apply your financial knowledge and expertise
  • Obtain licenses and registrations that will support your career
  • Have the ability to continue your education and development

Do I have what it takes as a Financial Advisor?

To become a Financial Advisor, you must be committed, hard working, goal-oriented, coachable and a leader. In addition, you must be passionate about helping and changing your clients’ lives. This career requires high-spirited and passionate professionals who agree with our mission: Changing Lives, Forever©. Let us show you why this career was ranked #2 Best Business Jobs in 20132.

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