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Aligning your life and finances

Help close the gap between your financial life and a life you love.

You’ve worked hard to earn a good education, land a good job, and make a good income.

You focused on making the most of your earnings—protecting what you own with insurance and enhancing what you save through investing.

“If your only goal is to become rich, you’ll never achieve it.”

—John D. Rockefeller

You take the time needed to make smart decisions with your resources.

You care about your finances because you care about life.

  • You care about high returns on your 401(k) so you can spend retirement traveling the U.S. to visit your grandchildren.
  • You care about a thorough estate plan because you want your special needs son supported with or without you.
  • You care about benefits that will keep employees at the body shop you and your dad started together years ago.

And you know money is only a tool on the way to the goal: A life of purpose.

But that doesn’t happen on accident.

Most advertising today is telling you that you need MORE.

More money. More house. More of this product or that product.

You don’t want to look up in 20 years and realize you worked hard all your life to achieve MORE of what didn’t matter…

Instead, take some time now to think about what a meaningful life looks like.

Then, surround yourself with professionals who understand what’s important to you and can help you to stop stressing about all the possibilities and focus on the appropriate financial path for YOU.

That’s called life-changing financial freedom, and that’s why North Star exists.

Ready to define your life of purpose?

These questions may help! We recommend sitting down on your own or with your partner to go through these questions and write out your answers. By the end, you will likely find some common themes for what matters to you in life.

Bring the page to a discovery meeting with your financial professional!

Do your themes resonate with the financial professional? Then they may be a good fit.

Do they have solutions that will help you achieve more of your life vision than you have now? Then they are likely your person!

  1. If I had a day where I could do anything I wanted, what would I do?
  2. What is something in life I would be happy to never need to do again?
  3. What accomplishment in life am I most proud of?
  4. If I could start anything—regardless of limitations—what would it be?
  5. What is a worry in my life that regularly keeps me up at night?
  6. What problems in the world stick with me?
  7. What kind of life do I want for the people around me (partner, kids, parents, coworkers, employees, etc.)?

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