Our Training Program and Selection Process 

3 Stage Training Program

As a new financial advisor, North Star will work with you to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed in your practice. Our training process will help you learn, grow and establish your business through a series of stages designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the financial services profession. Helping guide you along the way will be North Star’s New Advisor Liaison and your senior advisor, who can provide their guidance and expertise.

Below are the three stages of our Training and Development program:

Pre-Apprenticeship (0 – 3 months)

This initial stage serves to familiarize you with the financial services profession, help you obtain your licenses and registrations, and advance your client acquisition techniques.

Apprenticeship (3 – 6 months)

The second stage will help you build the foundation of your business. Activities include holding appointments with prospective clients, gathering referrals and meeting with your Centers of Influence (individuals who both care about your success and can help you develop your target markets).

Residency (4 years)

The final stage focuses on continuing to develop and refine your skills learned in the previous two stages. Activities include building markets, developing core competencies, implementing financial solutions and meeting contract requirements. Your practice will dramatically change and mature as your training and experience evolves. Upon completion of the the apprenticeship and residency stages of the training program, you will be well on your way towards maintaining a successful practice.


Our Selection Process

North Star believes in a mutual selection process, meaning that we value educating you on our firm and what it takes to be a financial advisor during in the interview process. Becoming a financial advisor is as rewarding as it is challenging, and we want to make sure you are fully informed. Our thoughtful selection process details the steps we take to educate you on what can be expected and what it takes to succeed as a North Star financial advisor. Below is an overview of the steps:


Initial Assessment

This first phase will include an informational interview to introduce you to North Star and its background, as well as selection tests, the distribution of a background information booklet for you to complete, and a criminal background report and credit check.

Step-2.jpgMutual Evaluation

The second part of the process includes interviews with several of North Star’s current advisors, where you can ask questions on their experiences within the career. You will also interview with our management team, review our values and get to know your Senior Advisor.

Step-3.jpgFinal Evaluation

The next step details how you would build your financial advising practice. This step forces you to think as a business owner—a crucial element of being an advisor. You will draft a business and marketing plan which will provide the framework for a successful practice. Next, you will present your plan to North Star’s management team where you will have the opportunity to discuss your career options.

Step-4.jpgAffiliation Discussion

The final phase includes meeting with your local leadership or managing partner. You will discuss contract and practice expectations in addition to daily, weekly and monthly expectations. You will also be given a training calendar which will lay out a plan for obtaining your insurance licensing and securities registrations.

After completing all four steps, you will know your future with North Star and have a complete understanding of the requirements to be successful as a financial advisor.

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