North Star Seminar Dinner Events F.A.Q

What does North Star Resource Group do?

Over the years, North Star Resource Group has developed a niche working with the financial needs of certain professionals whose income, debt, and priorities require a specific strategy to reach their long-term objectives. Our advisors have the experience and skill set required to develop a financial strategy unique to a person’s chosen career path, while helping them pursue their goals along the way.

Why was I invited to a dinner discussion?

North Star Resource Group reaches out to individuals and professionals who may be a good fit for the customized, comprehensive financial services we offer.

Why does North Star Resource Group host local dinner discussions?

Our firm and our featured speakers are passionate about the opportunity to provide others with a financial education and discuss financial topics relevant to a particular group in an intimate setting, so that all attendees get the opportunity to engage and ask questions.

What can I expect when I attend a dinner event?

Our dinner events are limited to those who RSVP so that we can reserve seats. When you and your guest arrive, each of you will have the opportunity to order dinner, ask questions, and engage the speaker to add value to the discussion. We will try and answer as many of your questions as we can.

What is the value in attending a dinner discussion?

If you have ever had questions regarding financial preparation, our expert speakers and advisors provide the opportunity to educate and possibly help implement a financial strategy aligned with your specific needs and goals.

What if my guest’s profession does not pertain to the demographic of attendees invited?

ALL attendees are encouraged to bring a spouse or colleague with them. Your spouse plays an important role in the decisions of your financial future and your colleagues may be able to relate to the topics discussed such as debt reduction, savings, asset protection*, wealth accumulation strategies, investing, and retirement preparation.

What does it cost to attend the dinner?

The dinner is complimentary (with no obligation) for both you and your guest if you choose to bring one.

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