Pack Journal: Finley’s Next Chapter

Football is back and the best fans in the NFL are already in mid-season form.

Thousands of green and gold clad supporters turned out for training camp already, and the Pack are reportedly looking sharp. The big news last week however news wasn’t about what happened on the field.  It related specifically to one notable visitor to practice.

Dressed in an oxford shirt and ball cap, retired tight end Jermichael Finley made an appearance on the sideline.  He looked fit and healthy as he joked with Aaron Rodgers and greeted his former teammates.  It was a day many thought might never come for Finley following the brutal hit that ended his career in October of 2013.

Finley suffered a serious neck injury in a game with the Browns that landed him in intensive care and led to vertebrae-fusing surgery on his neck.  Just 26 at the time, he was told he’d never play professional football again.

Yet despite the circumstances of the vicious hit, the long road to recovery and the surprise early retirement, Finley has thrived.  A recent Journal Sentinel feature article shared a glimpse into his new life in Texas.  It is an existence marked by a pursuit of his passions for family, barbecue and youth football.

Finley was fortunate that the injury left him with no long term limitations to his quality of life.  Perhaps just as fortunate, years prior to the injury, he had taken out a disability insurance policy.  As a result of his injury, that policy ultimately paid a $10 million benefit.1 Today he has his health along with the financial security to pursue his passions, take care of his family and lead an active life.

He now spends his time as an active father, runs a youth football camp and pursues many other ventures, most of which might not be possible without the insurance money.

Disability insurance made sense for Finley.  A millionaire playing a dangerous sport has a lot to lose and faces a very real danger every day at his job.  His family was counting on him, and he took a proactive step to manage risk.

While certainly not to the same level of an NFL player, we all carry that same risk.  An accident or unexpected illness can quickly derail our family’s plans for the future.  It is much more common than most people think as statistically more than a quarter of today’s 20 year-olds will become disabled before they retire and one in eight workers will be disabled for five years or more during their working careers.1

The financial impact of that disability can be significant as medical bills and loss of income can combine to decimate household finances.  Medical costs are now cited as the number one cause of bankruptcies, outpacing credit card and mortgage debt.2

While Disability Insurance may not be front of mind for most people, it can go a long way toward protecting your financial security and keeping you on track to meet your financial goals.  For a moderate expense you, like Finley, can take action to protect your family and ensure a bright future.

For a disability insurance quote, or to discuss how you can help manage risks to your family, please contact Josh or Doug at 608.271.9100.

Doug Weisenberger

Author: Doug Weisenberger

Doug Weisenberger is a Senior Partner with North Star Resource Group in Madison, Wisconsin. For over 35 years he has helped families define and prioritize their goals for the future and then align their finances in support of them.

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