Financial Planning

Financial planning is an ongoing process, rather than a product. As a fee-based service, it is assembling a well-defined and thought out strategy to help you and your family pursue your financial goals.

Whether you are interested in getting started, hearing an objective perspective or staying on track, financial planning is valuable to everyone and not limited to any one situation. It can also be preventative in helping to avoid financial mistakes or pitfalls. A plan can help you prepare for life’s adventures, both known and unknown.

Financial planning is not just for those with especially complex financial situations. However, often a specific need or event may trigger a desire to develop a plan, including the following:

  • Developing a retirement strategy to make your money last throughout retirement or rolling over a retirement plan
  • Managing a large inheritance or unexpected financial payout
  • Preparing financially for a marriage or divorce
  • Preparing financially for the birth or adoption of a child
  • Caring for aging or disabled family members
  • Coping with the financial aftermath from the death of a spouse or family member
  • Determining how to save for or fund higher education
  • Facing a financial crisis (serious illness, layoff, natural disaster, etc.)

Whatever your circumstances may be, North Star’s financial advisors are committed to helping you develop a well-rounded financial plan to examine your entire financial picture. In guiding you through both calm and turbulent times, our financial planners analyze and breakdown the following areas:

Your-Current-Financial-Position.jpg Protection-Planning.jpg Investment-Planning.jpg

Estate-Planning.jpg Tax-Planning.jpg Retirement-Planning.jpg

How we can help

Navigating financial issues can be confusing and time-consuming on your own. Our financial planners work with you, in conjunction with other professionals such as CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents and stockbrokers when necessary, to productively work towards pursuing your goals. With the overflow of information available in today’s world and constantly changing products and options, a financial planner will help you sort through the noise and develop a comprehensive plan.

Contact a financial advisor to learn more.

Separate from the financial plan and our role as financial planner, we may recommend the purchase of specific investment or insurance products or accounts. These product recommendations are not part of the financial plan and you are under no obligation to follow them.

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