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Reigniting the passion for the Miracle of Life Insurance
The financial services profession started out with a committed focus on life insurance, or risk protection. But as more types of financial products became available, we lost our way. Agents and advisors began to focus more on wealth accumulation and less on risk management. Why? Because clients don’t want to discuss their mortality. And advisors don’t want to have that difficult conversation with them.

It is our belief that failing to address life insurance with clients is verging on malpractice. It is our moral obligation to help our clients understand risk management and the way life insurance covers it. Families without the proper amount of life insurance in place when the primary income earner dies are destined for financial hardship.

Promises Kept:

  • Reminds advisors and consumers that life insurance can serve as an anchor for nearly every financial strategy.
  • Stresses that we all need to consider purchasing life insurance while we are still insurable—and that we need enough to cover our human life value.
  • Describes the unique way in which life insurance protects families’ financial futures.
  • Reveals life insurance success stories from North Star Resource Group advisors.
  • Features the insights of eighteen of the industry’s most influential leaders about the importance of this unique product.

*Figure as of December 2015.

This book is intended to be used as training and inspiration for financial professionals. One should always discuss your financial situation with your financial representative. 1543996/DOFU 10-2016


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About the Authors


This book was written by three members of the North Star Resource Group leadership team. Shaun McDuffee is an industry-renowned advisor who has personal experience in this area. Phil Richards and Ed Deutschlander are two of the industry’s prominent leadership executives. North Star Resource Group has over $35 billion of life insurance in force*, helping families nationwide achieve financial security upon the death of their primary income earners.