Wesley Sharp
Wesley Sharp
Financial Advisor
Areas of Focus
  • Fee Based Financial Planning
  • Wealth Management and Investing
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Medical Professionals
  • Debt Management and Student Loan Counseling

Phone: 612.617.6067
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2701 University Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
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710 E Main Street
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North Star Professional Center
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Wesley R. Sharp is an independent Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager at North Star Resource Group. As a member of North Star’s Medical Division Wes specializes in the unique needs of physicians throughout the country. He has built a completely virtual and mobile practice allowing him to serve his clients from residency through retirement, regardless of location.

His practice focuses on investment management and customized fiduciary standard financial planning** allowing him to create independent and comprehensive client plans.

“I realize every client situation is unique and should be treated as such. I take pride in helping to educate my clients on the various financial scenarios to plan for and create an action plan to accomplish their financial goals”.


Wes does offer complimentary, and non-obligatory 60-minute initial meetings. If you have financial questions on topics like the ones below please contact Wes using the “Contact Form” tab or by emailing him at Wes.Sharp@NorthStarFinancial.com.

  • Investing and Asset Management- including Roth IRAs, Employer Retirement Plans and Rollovers, Taxable Brokerage Accounts, etc.
  • Debt and Student Loan Management
  • Wealth Accumulation Strategies
  • Disability Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Medical Professionals and Physician Specific Planning

In addition to his private client practice Wes works towards being a thought leader in the industry. He is the co-author of the book Real Life Financial Planning for Physicians, has been published in various publications including Medical Practice Insider and has been asked to speak throughout the country at numerous teaching hospitals and residency programs, advocating for financial wellness.

To book Wes for a speaking engagement, request copies of his book Real Life Financial Planning for Physicians, or schedule an initial consultation please email him at Wes.Sharp@NorthStarFinancial.com.

Outside of his business practice Wes is kept busy raising his two rambunctious children with his wife Alexa and trying to mix in a round of golf or two along the way.

While working with clients throughout the United States Wes does have office locations in Minnesota (Minneapolis), Wisconsin (Madison), and Kentucky (Lexington).

**Financial Planning is a fee-based service. Separate from the financial plan and an advisors' role as financial planner, an advisor may recommend the purchase of specific investment or insurance products or accounts. These product recommendations are not part of the financial plan and clients are under no obligation to follow them.

Wes is a registered representative and investment advisor representative of CRI Securities, LLC and Securian Financial Services, Inc. 2245665 / DOFU 9-2018

Wesley’s Support Team

Marissa AgustinName: Marissa Agustin
Title: Administrative Assistant
Email: Marissa@northstarfinancial.com
Phone: 612.617.6026

Resource Team

Aside from the knowledge and experience you will receive from your advisor, North Star provides a team of experts within their specialties dedicated to helping your advisor choose well-suited products or services for you.

Brakke_Chase_2013_Web.jpgName: Chase Brakke
Title: National Disability Insurance Specialist
Phone: 612.617.6008 




Name: Chris Sitek
Vice President, Life Business Development
Phone: 612.617.6109




Name: Jeff Landt
Title: Vice President and Director of Investments
Phone: 612.617.6116





Name: Carrie Hancock
Title: Vice President, Financial Planning Resource Center
Phone: 612.617.6137




North Star Professional Center
2701 University Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414


710 E Main Street
Lexington, KY 40502


North Star Professional Center
2945 Triverton Pike Dr, Suite 200
Madison, WI 53711

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