Laura Vaughn's published articles

Succeeding as an Advisor — at 23

By Corey Dahl at Think Advisor | May 2012

Not sure what to do as college graduation approached, Laura Vaughn took a chance on financial advising and discovered a calling.

10 Award-Winning Millennials Who Provide the Disruption Financial Services Needs

By The American College of Financial Services | October 2017

Ten of the brightest young minds in financial services were awarded the 2017 Millennial Advisor Award by The American College of Financial Services. 

Award is based primarily on criteria relative to leadership, achievement, and recruiting selected by the applicant. Individuals must be current with membership dues and submit an application fee for consideration. Working with this firm and this individual is not a guarantee of future financial results. Investors should conduct their own evaluation. In order to be granted some of these awards, individuals must be in good standing with the organization in terms of their applications and payments. 1948443/11-2017

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