Introducing Our Summer 2017 Interns

North Star has created blog posts to focus on our financial advising internship to shed more light on what it is like to work for us. Here are some of our wonderful interns around the United States. We have over 40 interns in our offices around the country; these are just a few of them. As we share more blog posts, we will be using other interns that were not introduced in this article!

Renner-2017.jpgSAM RENNER
Major: Applied economics
School: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Office: Minneapolis, MN
How’d you hear about North Star?: Met Mitch Zimmer through a student athlete career fair
Prior experience: None
Summer plans: Going to his cabin, taking summer classes and football work outs.

Keller-Bryce-2017.jpgBRYCE KELLER
Major: Finance
School: University of Texas at Austin
Office: Austin, TX
How’d you hear about North Star: Through a referral from an older friend who knew an advisor that enjoyed working here.
Prior experience: None
Summer plans: This summer I look forward to furthering my knowledge in the financial advising industry; as well as: staying in Austin working full time, taking online classes, and taking in my final summer as a student.

Bunch-Amanda-2017.jpgAMANDA BUNCH
Major: Marketing and Finance
School: University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Office: Austin, TX
How’d you hear about North Star?: I was recruited by a girl I had known through my university to come in for an interview. Before she reached out, I had not yet heard about North Star, but was familiar with a couple of their competitors in the industry
Prior experience: Before starting the internship, I had only classroom and case study experience, but I did have some old college friends that had pursued financial advising careers, so I was familiar with the business process in a very general sense.
Summer plans: “My plan for the summer is to soak up as much as I can of this internship and its potential career path to have a better idea of what I want to pursue specifically upon graduating in December.”

Harris-2017.jpgBEN HARRIS
Major: Finance-Investments      
School: University of North Dakota
Office: Minneapolis, MN        
How’d you hear about North Star: I heard about North Star through my parents who are North Star clients. They suggested I check into an internship here and so I emailed their advisor, who referred me to Jared Cardarelle, who got the ball rolling.
Prior Experience: I have no prior financial services experience.
Summer plans: My plans for the summer include a trip to visit my friend in Seattle and a couple of weekend camping trips in northern Wisconsin.

Diliberti-Amanda-2017.jpgAMANDA DILIBERTI
Major: Finance and Real Estate
School: Florida State Univesrity
Office: Miami, FL
How’d you hear about North Star: Job posting on school career website
Prior Experience: None
Summer plans: Visiting my family back home in New York for the 4th of July, spending a weekend with my boyfriend at his family reunion, and going to California at the end of the summer to visit my boyfriend in Huntington Beach where he just started his new job.

Thomas-Chris-2017.jpgCHRIS THOMAS
Major: Marketing with a minor in Communications
School: William Peace University
Office: Durham, NC
How’d you hear about North Star?: Job posting on school’s career website
Prior Experience: None
Summer plans: Annual beach trip with entire family, studying for Series 7 & 66, launching into pre-apprenticeship next month and beginning the journey of a financial advisor at North Star

Rhodes-Hailee-2017.jpgHAILEE RHODES
Major: Business administration with a minor in computer information systems
School: Northwestern Univesrity in Natchitoches, Louisiana
Office: Houston, TX
How’d you hear about North Star?: LinkedIn
Prior Experience: I helped my grandparents at their insurance agency they had while I was in high school but only worked the front desk.
Summer plans: Take two classes so I can graduate early in December and do this internship!

Crampe-Andrew-2017.jpgANDREW CRAMPE
Major: Finance
School: Merrimack College (going back this year to complete a 1 year master’s program in management)
Office: Boston, MA
How’d you hear about North Star?: School’s career website
Prior Experience: Yes I was a finance/marketing intern 2 summers ago. I billed customers and managed a sales summer campaign. Kept track of weekly numbers in orders sold, money earned. Did this for each worker and each website the company managed.
Summer plans: To work hard and do all that I can do to be able to have a successful internship and hopefully turn this into a job offer to start my career with North Star. 

Written by North Star's Recruiting Team.

RNR/DOFU 7-2017

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