Employee Benefits Resources

North Star offers a variety of benefit technology modules and administrative support that will help you administer your benefit plans and help your employees appreciate and utilize their benefit package.

Simplified Application Process

North Star has created a way to eliminate the frustration of Small Group underwriting. Employees are able to complete one application for submission to multiple insurance companies. This feature provides other benefits and services that create a pleasant application process.

  • Secure HIPAA compliant website
  • Lower rate of missing information in applications
  • Ability to manage and track the progress of the applications
  • 24/7 availability to the online application process
  • Quicker proposal turnaround time

Customized Benefits Website

Your company will have a custom website that is available 24/7 with internet connection. This website will give you access to various features and tools related to your employees and company.

A portal for company-related information and resources

  • Customized welcome message and seasonal announcements
  • A list of links to employer-recommended web resources
  • Company handbook, forms and policies

Management of personal employee information and resources

  • Departmental contacts/employee directory
  • Add/review/update employee personal information
  • Manage time-off requests and history

One-stop resource for Benefit Plans information

  • Manage/view benefit elections
  • Compare plan benefits/ obtain plan forms
  • View plan design information, including rates and eligibility
  • View carrier contact information

Underwriting Process

We take the extra step to manage the underwriting process, creating a smooth and easy process for you as an employer. We review all applications before they are submitted, work to obtain any missing information and follow applications until fully completed. We chart the offers to help you understand your options and outline the pros and cons of each carrier and their network. An educational benefit plan session will also be available for the employer and employee to ensure full comprehension of the benefits and package.

Group Benefits Legal Services

North Star has retained the services of Michael P. Paquette, J.D. who is able to provide consulting services* to you and your company on the following topics should you so choose:

  • COBRA/Minnesota continuation laws
  • Reporting and disclosure as it applies to welfare benefit plans (e.g. group benefits) ERISA
  • Coordination of benefits between Medicare and group health plans
  • Employer/Insurance Carrier obligations under HIPAA
  • Group Benefits/Federal Income Tax issues
  • Group Benefit issues arising under the FMLA
  • Other legal issues relating to group benefits

HR On Call

Managers juggle various tasks, requiring a broad range of skills to successfully operate a business. In some situations, there may be an issue or decision that would be helpful to have an HR expert’s advice. An extra opinion or voice could help ease your mind with the situation. You seek human resources support and expertise - but only at these momentary decisions.

North Star Employee Benefits Division recognizes this occasional need and has teamed up with iVision Human Resources, LLC to help ensure that the recommendations made to you are a suitable decision for your company and employees, when the time comes. North Star and iVision provide HR On Call to answer your questions.

COBRA Administration

North Star recognizes the complexity and potential liability that the COBRA regulations impose on employers. Past employees are lingering concerns to your company. Employees who are no longer with your organization can continue to be an administration headache. Under state and federal law, they are entitled to a group health coverage certificate and if they opt to retain coverage under your group health insurance plan, you remain responsible for administration of their premiums.

*The term “consulting services” includes oral and written communications relating to gorup benefit legal issues, but does not include litigation related activities.