Preparing for the Big Day

Planning your wedding involves many decisions, from where to go on your honeymoon to which band plays at your reception. As a future bride and groom, these aren’t the only important decisions you’ll need to consider as you begin your new lives together. We can’t help with the cake tasting but we can help provide strategies for your personal finances. Leave the cake to the baker. We’re here to offer financial advice and look forward to working together with you toward a more secure financial future.

North Star recommends you and your partner review the financial steps needed to settle into your new life together. Schedule a meeting with your North Star financial advisor today.

Consolidated Current Finances Review

  • Personal Bank Accounts
  • Debts/Assets
  • Employee Benefits*
  • Wills/Trusts*
  • Beneficiary Change Forms

Family Financial Goals Evaluation

  • Purchasing your first home
  • Children
  • College Education Funding
  • Vacations
  • Second Home

Retirement Strategies

  • Retirement Account Analysis
  • Retirement Investment Strategies
  • Tax Minimization Strategies*
  • Diversification Strategies