Training & Development Program

North Star offers a dynamic and comprehensive learning program to support and cultivate the success of our financial advisors. You will experience one-on-one professional development training with our New Advisor Liaison and you will grow under the guidance and expertise of your knowledgeable industry mentor. Your North Star mentor will have years of client relationship experience and a successful sales process for you to learn and adapt.

North Star recognizes three key concepts for advisors to grow their business:

  1. Knowledge is Power
    You will be introduced to many necessary education functions such as effective telephone skills, time management application, mandated state examination education, our unique sales process and relationship building. These are just a few of the skills that will collectively help you as an advisor.
  2. Relationship Building
    This focuses on North Star’s mission: Changing Lives, Forever©; and more specifically how you can change lives forever. As an advisor, you will be meeting and getting to know numerous individuals and their families. This will help strengthen your practice and ability to help your clients. Leaving your clients better off financially than when you found them is a wonderful feeling that is hard to describe. North Star will help you reach that goal in your career.
  3. Success x 3
    The ability to apply what you will learn, grow the right relationships and allow yourself the necessary patience will net you success. North Star dedicates its resources and mentors for you to achieve success as a North Star Financial Advisor.