Selection Process

North Star believes in a mutual selection process and spends an extensive amount of time with prospective candidates. Our selection process presents candidates with an honest view of the pros and cons in a financial services career. This careful selection process is successful because it develops a clear picture of what can be expected and what it takes to succeed at North Star.

How to become a North Star Financial Advisor:

Step One: The Informational Interview
A warm welcome to North Star Resource Group; we will introduce you to the history and experience that lays within North Star. North Star Resource Group has a strong commitment to assisting motivated individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit to not only survive, but also to thrive as a Financial Advisor.

During the informational interview you will learn firsthand the ins and outs of the financial services industry. If you are further interested in a career at North Star and make a good impression, you will be invited to begin Step Two, and will receive an application booklet and access to take our online profile.

Step Two: Application Booklet & Online Profile
At this step, you will be beginning the formal interviewing process. The application booklet requests information about your previous education and experiences. The online profile will request information about your personality and lifestyle. Your answers will compile an online profile, and you can move onto Step Three.

Step Three: Associate Meetings
Associate meetings will give you the opportunity to spend half-day meetings with several of our financial advisors, allowing you to ask questions about the career and North Star. You will meet with advisors from similar backgrounds and experiences who have completed the beginning stage of their financial advising career. This will give you a personal impression of the atmosphere and environment that exists as a North Star Financial Advisor.

Step Four: Business & Marketing Plan Meeting
As an advisor, you will be building a financial advising practice. There are important things to consider and learn when it comes to building and maintaining your practice. North Star will help support and educate you on your track to a successful practice. This meeting is one of the unique strengths of North Star's selection process because it starts building the business owner mentality, a crucial element of the financial advising career.

After learning about the attributes of a successful business owner, you are presented with a take-home project to complete on your own. This project involves drafting and designing a business plan which you believe can provide the framework for a successful financial advising practice. It will be reviewed in Step Five.

Step Five: Business & Marketing Plan Presentation
You will meet with North Star’s CEO, Edward Deutschlander, to present your business plan from your take-home project in Step Four. You will be provided the opportunity to discuss you career options and decisions with Edward.

Step Six: Managing Partner Meeting
The final step consists of a meeting with your local leadership and/or managing partner. Dependent on office location, you may be visiting via video conference or in person. This meeting will determine the final decision for an offer extension. After this step, you will know your future with North Star!